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Michael Chu
Apr 28, 2023

Welcoming Michael Chu: TechBlocks’ New VP Digital Product and Strategy 

In the last two years, TechBlocks has had exponential growth that has allowed us to expand operations in countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Canada. Along with a people-centric culture, a crucial part of its success has been providing clients with individuals trained in innovative and disruptive technologies.   

Under this context of expansion and to continue providing high-quality services, we are thrilled to welcome Michael Chu to the TechBlocks family as our VP Digital Product & Strategy.    

Extensive Experience in Driving Digital Transformation   

Michael brings a wealth of experience spanning two decades in the tech industry, working in varying roles, including Solutions Architect, Technical Consultant, Product Manager, and Developer. He has a proven track record of driving innovation and delivering results in various industries, including healthcare, high-tech, and e-commerce.   

Michael’s passion for driving positive change using technology started with his keen interest in understanding human behavior. This interest has translated well into his work as a digital leader, overseeing digital transformation efforts and ensuring customer visions are brought to life impactfully.  

Michael’s thirst for knowledge has kept him at the forefront of technology, translating well into his work as a creative technologist. He enjoys innovative problem-solving, whether life-changing health tech challenges or complex enterprise solutions. Michael’s reputation as a digital leader is well-known, having worked at tech companies like PBox, Bowstreet Inc. (acquired by IBM), and Streebo.   

Before joining TechBlocks, Michael was an Enterprise Architect at Vasa Digital, helping its largest enterprise customers successfully navigate the digital transformation journey.  

“With the advent of new technologies, the value of digital transformation across the organization only becomes more critical. One of the reasons I was keenly interested in working with TechBlocks is that I’m very passionate about healthcare and e-commerce, which happen to be strategic areas of focus for the company. I look forward to helping TechBlocks maintain its position at the forefront of digital transformation,” Michael says.   

Michael’s expertise in digital transformation, enterprise architecture, product strategy, and global market scale is essential to TechBlocks’ commitment to innovation and operational excellence as our company organization grows and expands into new markets.    

Michael is based in Vancouver, Canada, and holds an International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) degree from York University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Dalhousie University. He’s also the CTO and Co-founder of Relish Health Services, Epiphany Digital Health Solutions, and Uroflow.    

We are excited to have Michael on board and look forward to working with him to bring our client’s visions to life. With his wealth of experience and expertise, we are confident that Michael will make a significant contribution to our team and help us continue to drive innovation in the digital, e-commerce, and health tech space. Welcome aboard, Michael!