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Success Story: Workopolis

The Challenge

The job market is constantly changing, and technology innovations in the Internet and mobile device industries are at the forefront of those changes. As one of the leading Canadian websites for online career solutions, Workopolis must stay at the forefront of this changing industry. In order to do so, Workopolis decided to take a look at their overall Internet strategy, including how the solutions they offered related to those in the job market. After a deep and thorough analysis, Workopolis determined that there are four specific challenges that must be addressed in the months and years ahead.

Those four challenges are:

More than 45% of job seekers are now using smartphones and tablets to find jobs. Workopolis must reach these job seekers where they are, not where they used to be.

Workopolis’ legacy mobile presence is using depreciated technology to serve customers. Users are not willing to use outdated platforms for long, especially when newer solutions are cropping up all the time.

The job search experience must be replicated on the mobile platform while still providing a unique experience that takes advantage of the mobile platform.

Competition is strong and growing stronger every quarter. In order to be competitive, Workopolis must keep up and exceed the technological solutions offered by their competitors.

The Process

In order to help Workopolis address these challenges, Techblocks’ creative development team set out to build the best-possible mobile experience for the three million monthly users that Workopolis currently serves. In order to meet these challenges, Techblocks made five changes to the Workopolis platform.

  • A complete redesign of the mobile platform on both iOS and Android devices, including mobile-responsive content and a faster interface.
  • Fully leveraging the Workopolis platform with the most advanced technology stack available.
  • A focus on the mobile experience, including a redesign of the platform that emphasizes the mobile experience.
  • A series of new features and solutions that are specifically designed to benefit mobile users.
  • A user experience that is built around the user’s geographic location, job preferences, and other data points.


In order to achieve these goals, Workopolis, in conjunction with Techblocks, utilized the latest .NET technology stack, which at the time was Microsoft ASP . NET.

The Result

The results of the Techblocks’ overhaul of the Workopolis platform are substantial, and should provide Workopolis with long-term success and growth in the Canadian job-seeker market. Some of the most significant results include:

A website that is fully mobile-responsive, which was delivered completely operational to Workopolis less than three months after the start date.

A job seeker experience that is widely regarded as significantly improved.

Traffic has increased by more than 30% on mobile platforms (i.e. smartphones and tablets).

Job applications have increased by more than 20% on the Workopolis platform.

Customer support tickets have decreased by more than 25%, which indicates that users are happier with the platform, and that the platform is significantly easier to use than its predecessor.

Overall, the Workopolis platform is showing across the board improvements. This means that Workopolis will be able to grow their market share, increase their margins, and increase the satisfaction rates and referrals they receive from their users.