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Success Story:
International Logistics Provider

We have been extremely satisfied with the work carried out by the TechBlocks team and their attention to detail when getting to know our unique business goals. We hope to continue this relationship in the future.

Customer Service Manager


TechBlocks recently partnered with one of the largest Canadian-owned third party logistics providers to deliver an advanced user experience for their internal operations. The company has experienced a tremendous amount of growth and success since they were established in the mid 90’s. They are now an industry leader when it comes to providing customized supply chain solutions to a diverse range of sectors including Retail, E-Commerce, Technology, Healthcare, and Financial.

For this company, high functioning and agile collaboration systems including business process automation play a crucial part in maintaining their solid reputation among clients and in expanding their success.

Business process automation solutions

The company operates an extensive national distribution and transportation network which requires a complex business management system to support it. Additionally, with all its’ varying divisions spanning worldwide, their interdepartmental collaboration is vital in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

They have become very well known in their industry for consistently delivering innovative and enhanced customer experiences as well as providing operational efficiency to their clients. However, their growth was putting pressures on their own operational efficiency, specifically when it came to their customer service processes.

The Challenge:

In order to maintain their hard earned reputation for innovation and efficiency, and to implement an operational solution that would keep up with their increasing demands, the company sought out an  IT solutions provider that would share their values and goals – TechBlocks was the perfect fit for the project.

The company chose to work with TechBlocks as their preferred IT solutions partner in order to overcome the following operational challenges:

Disconnect between various departments caused inefficient communications, information bottles necks and redundancies all resulting in longer than average customer service wait times.

They were unable to produce sufficient reports leading to a lack of transparency and accountability when issues arose.

They had previously attempted to build complex workflows for SharePoint on K2 Blackpearl but were unable to find an experienced technology partner to make this a reality.

Customer Service KPIs were not clearly defined so it was hard to measure success and fine tune processes.

TechBlocks Solution

TechBlocks helped design and architect an infrastructure of complex workflows and business process automation that would transform the company’s business processes into the efficient operational engine they desired. This workflow engine would connect both staff and clients to critical information in real-time.

TechBlocks made this vision come to life by first meeting with the team to define customer service KPIs and then implementing an enterprise wide customer service solution leveraging the company’s existing document and business process management technologies. They developed the following business process automation solutions within a 4 month time period:

  • CSG to Receiving workflow for optimizedtracking of orders and returns
  • CSG to TM Ops workflow built for real-time shipment tracking and reporting
  • Communication with existing SharePoint UI for internal notifications and controlled security groups
  • Real-time email notifications both internally and on the client end for improved customer experience and reduced wait times
Business process automation solutions

The Technology:

TechBlocks built these advanced workflows using K2 BlackPearl Business Process Applications for SharePoint, which provide a robust workflow engine and design tools that minimize complexity as well as reusable components and time saving features.

K2 Business Apps for Sharepoint


Since TechBlocks implemented these business process automation workflow solutions, the logistics provider has seen tremendous improvement in the following areas:

  • Streamlined order and shipping processes resulting in reduced bottlenecks.
  • Increased transparency across all areas of the customer service process allowing for deficiencies to be monitored and resolved in real-time.
  • Improved internal and external communications resulting in increased productivity.
  • More efficient Customer Service with average resolution time improving by over 27% in 2 months.
  • Improved interdepartmental collaboration through automated notifications.