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Success Story:
American Solar Direct

Resolving Operational Challenges Through a
CRM Strategy

American Solar Direct (ASD) is a leading provider of reliable and affordable residential solar powered energy solutions in California. They are committed to providing simple and affordable solar panel solutions for homeowners who want to reduce the cost of their electricity bill, while having a positive impact on the environment. Their team of experts handle everything from custom system design, financing options and permitting, to installation and long-term system maintenance.

The Challenge

Companies in the solar energy industry face a number of operational challenges including the maintenance of large client databases, records management for regulatory compliance and insights into asset management. A high functioning CRM solution is critical to dealing with these challenges. American Solar Direct recognized the importance of a robust CRM tool and they wanted to maximize on the investment they made in their Salesforce platform. With the unique nature of their business they faced a few challenges with Salesforce that they wanted to address including:

Set-Up Issues

They had multiple layers of customization which lead to a complex and lengthy task framework. This made the system difficult to manage and scale up according to business growth. ASD wanted to find a way to minimize the number of tasks involved for various processes to boost efficiency.


There were too many steps involved in accessing information which limited reporting capabilities. As a result management did not have proper insights into their assets or resources. They wanted a better way to visualize their data in order to gain the best ROI on their operating expenses.

User Experience

Due to the complex layers of customization they had duplicated activities and tasks. In addition to reducing redundancy they wanted to create custom dashboards to improve the user experience.


Communication was not tracked effectively within the CRM making cross team collaboration difficult. They wanted a way to improve information flow between various teams.

The Solution

ASD chose to partner with the TechBlocks team because of TechBlocks commitment and ability to understand their unique operational challenges and business goals. Over a two week period of time TechBlocks met frequently with various ASD teams including Accounts, Sales, Field Operations, Regulatory, and Installations to define their current state analysis, create a detailed business case including measurable KPIs, provide change management workshops and create a CRM strategy that included:

  • CRM workflow map to provide a detailed view of customer lifecycle stages.
  • Improved configuration to reduce complexity and create a more agile system that would scale with business growth.
  • Centralized file storage to provide easy access to and sharing of information across the organization and between users.
  • Custom dashboards providing a 360 degree view of customers within CRM including sites, billing, contracts and service case – all in one centralized location.
  • Live communication stream displaying notes and updates for improved cross team collaboration.
Salesforce CRM strategy


Through this CRM strategy, TechBlocks provided American Solar Direct with a concrete framework that will help them attain their goals of boosting efficiency, promoting team wide collaboration and transforming their CRM into a scalable solution to support their growth.

By conducting change management workshops, TechBlocks also helped the company gain a momentum and generate an atmosphere of excitement that will guarantee high user adoption rates. The overall strategy will provide ASD with the agility to expand into new markets and continue their growth and success.

Salesforce CRM strategy