Business Intelligence Case Study

Reducing Operational Redundancy by Leveraging Business Intelligence

Leading Pharmaceuticals Distributor

In the highly globalized and fast-paced procurement industry today, leveraging the latest in business technology is crucial for companies that want to stay afloat and maintain their competitive advantage. Without the proper back-office infrastructure to support efficient customer relationships and supply chain management, sustaining business growth and agility can become difficult or even impossible. This was the exact situation for our client a leading pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution company was facing.


This pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution company supplies over 1,900 SKUs to pharmacies, hospitals, research labs and other dispensing facilities, through maintaining and managing an extensive network of suppliers and vendors.


Due to rapid growth and increasing data management demands, they were facing efficiency roadblocks in a number of areas from contact management, data management and interdepartmental collaboration. Their existing back-office systems were unable to keep up with their increasing order volume and their expanding vendor network.

Their specific challenges included:

• Their customer management system was insufficient for tracking data and communicating insights across teams.

• Discrepancies between accounting and sales data prevented them from generating a clear view of the state of the business and hindered strategic decision making.

• Procurement team was unable bulk-buy or re-negotiating purchasing costs from bulk-purchasing activities due to insufficient access to sales data.

• There was no business process or collaboration strategy in place so both operational and supplychain control were limited.

• Business processes were being managed through email groups which caused confusion in task management and a digital disconnect between teams.

The Solution

The TechBlocks team set out to provide the best possible solution that would align with their desire for increased access to data allowing them to make better business decisions and increased collaboration based on insights gleaned from their data.


Leveraging Microsoft cloud collaboration tools, they were able to create one, fully integrated system that provided a 360 degree view of their customers and business processes.

Business intelligence
Power BI dashboard
Microsoft Power BI

The solution included:

  • Migrating their customer data from their existing Google Docs to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, allowing for rich customer dashboards.
  • Implementation of Microsoft SharePoint Online for increased data management and cross-department collaboration.
  • Data integration from Office 365 and QuickBooks to increase transparency and communication between multiple teams.
  • The creation of custom dashboards for each team providing insights at a glance.
  • An improved business process automation and contact management strategy through custom CRM workflows.


With the help of TechBlocks, this leading pharmaceutical distribution company has successfully transformed their business into and agile and scalable distribution powerhouse. They have seen significant improvements in the following areas:


Increased communication between back-office systems fostering team-wide collaboration, efficiency and agility needed to support and maintain their growth.


Enhanced functionality of multiple systems including sales automation, contact management and reporting.


Increased operational and supply-chain control allowing for improved resource planning and a more efficient sales process resulting in lower overhead costs.


A unified 360 degree understanding of customers consistent across multiple departments.