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Business Intelligence Case Study

Improving operational efficiency for a mining company through BI

Solving Industry Challenges Through Business Intelligence

The global mining industry today faces many operational and regulatory challenges. With the price of precious metals on the rise, these companies must position themselves accordingly to be ready for rapid expansion into new regions while at the same time they must find new and innovative ways of keeping their costs down. Along with rapid growth, these companies also face a complex and diverse set of regulatory and legal standards that they must comply with across various sites.


Mining executives who want to overcome these industry challenges and stay ahead in the game are now leveraging the power of business intelligence (BI) tools to provide them with the right insights and agility to maintain performance while reducing costs. The BI strategy behind those tools can help mining executives make better and faster business decisions when it comes to HR planning, legal compliance, industry standards, trend analysis, logistics and strategic planning.

The Client Challenge

Our client is an emerging intermediate gold producer based in Canada engaged in the exploration, development, extraction and processing of gold through its property located in Mexico City.

The client team recognized the importance of BI solutions within their industry and had recently begun to implement BI dashboards for data visualization. However, they realized that without a proper strategy behind the tools, they would not achieve the desired success. To develop this strategy, They decided to partner with TechBlocks, an experience BI consulting and strategy firm. The goal of this engagement was to asses their current BI environment in order to define the people, processes and platforms that would need to be integrated and aligned to make a more strategic approach to BI, analytics and performance management initiatives.

When our client came to us they had a vision to innovate their field service process to improve efficiency and deliver a streamlined and consistent experience. Their current field services management application UI was difficult and slow to navigate; it was also only accessible through a desktop version.

The TechBlocks Solution

TechBlocks decided to break down the BI assessment and strategy into two components that are interdependent on one another, functional and technical. Over a 4-week time period the TechBlocks team worked with Torex Gold to conduct the following:

Functional Consultation:

  • As-is Assessment: Conduct interviews with business and technical teams to review existing reporting requirements, processes, and platforms.
  • Gap Analysis/Requirements: Understand reporting and KPIs, identify gaps in processes, skills and tools, and map data with reporting needs.
  • Align Vision: Map strategic and operational reporting needs with business vision, prioritize reporting requirements and identify key impact areas.
  • Document Roadmap: Define BI framework, implementation approach, and selection of platform. Build roadmap and implementation plan.

Technical Consultation:

  • Architecture and design: A BI Blueprint comprising architectural guidance based on your BI needs.
  • Documentation and solution development: A forward-looking BI roadmap tailored to customer needs, along with recommendations for next steps.


In just a month, TechBlocks was able to provide our mining client with the following deliverables:


A thorough analysis of current data ecosystem, plus results from a future state gap analysis


A summary of all measurable business statistics and a strategy for employing them


An architectural approach of managing the flow of collected data and other content


A collection of user personas and their detailed experience requirements


Clearly identified goals for a BI project and strategy in line with business vision


BI Roadmap including implementation details, solution architecture and next steps