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Quality Engineering
& Testing Careers

At TechBlocks, we’re on a mission to make Quality Engineering better for everyone. As a part of our Quality Engineering & Testing team, you will be responsible for ensuring that our software solutions meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

If you’re passionate about designing and developing comprehensive testing strategies, frameworks, and execution plans, we’re looking for you.

Say YES to Quality, Not Quantity

Our company is a trusted partner for some of the world’s most successful clients, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Quality and testing are essential to our success, driving us to improve constantly and become even stronger. 

As we work across a diverse range of industries, customers, and technologies, it is imperative that we operate at the highest level of performance. Our projects encompass a wide range of verticals, including but not limited to the Automobile, Energy, Shipping & Logistics, and Wearable Device industries.

Our mission is nothing short of critical, and you will have the opportunity to grow and explore your potential in a supportive environment surrounded by like-minded individuals.

What We Do

Quality Is What We Do

Our team specializes in crafting quality engineering plans, processes, and testing services for software, firmware, and hardware devices, aiming to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Quality Engineering Planning

Quality Engineering Planning

We collaborate with your existing Quality Engineering Partner to create test strategies and define project requirements and quality outcomes.

Progressive Web App

Functional Testing

We validate user requirements, functions, and features to meet project deliverables.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Fast Products = Happy Clients.
Speed is a critical factor in user satisfaction. That’s why our team ensures your product meets or exceeds expected benchmarks.

Processes & Automation

Test Automation

Our industry-driven expertise helps clients reach the market faster using new-age, automated AI/ML testing platforms.

Full-Service Mobile App

Regression Testing

Changing any part of the interconnected code can make or break an app/device. We ensure that existing functionality, features, and UX are maintained across all versions.

High-Quality Mobile App

Device Specific Testing

Software security isn’t easy, but providing adequate measures to maintain the highest level of security for your app, platform & wearable devices is a good start.

Human Subject Validation

Human Subject Validation

We develop test case scenarios for businesses to navigate quality engineering projects and understand pain points.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Our regulatory compliance testing ensures FDA & FCC certification for wireless hardware devices, meeting or exceeding data privacy/ security standards.

What Makes Our Quality Engineering Different

TechBlocks’s approach to Quality Engineering is centered on understanding the customer’s perspective. We start by identifying the problems the software intends to solve and use analytics to gain insight into the user experience.  

We emphasize cohesive working styles to ensure everyone is on board and working towards solving the customer’s problem through software & quality engineering. To achieve a high-quality product, we prioritize the right test infrastructure, test planning, and strategy during the prototyping phase

Our team executes crucial flows during this phase to ensure the product meets customer requirements. We continue to perform and report on tests throughout the development cycle to maintain the high standards that we set for ourselves and our clients.

One of the ways we stand out is our ability to implement solutions regardless of the development model being used, whether it’s Waterfall or Agile. Our industry-driven expertise in both Blackbox and Whitebox testing ensures that every aspect of the software is thoroughly tested and optimized. 

By taking this holistic approach, we can identify and solve problems at the deepest levels, providing our clients with a top-notch solution tailored to their needs.

We Can’t Wait to Get to Know You.

Take a look at our open positions, discover a role you’re passionate about, silence that inner critic, and submit your application.