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Software Development
& Engineering Careers

At TechBlocks, software development isn’t just a process; it’s a culture.
We focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences by writing clean code and building high-quality products. If this resonates with you, we’d love to connect and see if you’d be a good fit for our team.

A Day in the Life of a Software Developer at TechBlocks

At TechBlocks, we take pride in delivering scalable and innovative software solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

As a software developer on our team, your role would be to design, develop, and maintain software applications, emphasizing delivering exceptional user experiences.

Designing: We have teams planning the architecture and UI of the software applications. They translate user requirements into technical specifications and design software solutions accordingly. 

Developing: We are proficient in programming languages such as Dot Net, Java, C++, Python, and JavaScript, as well as in open-source, cross-platform environments and cloud platforms. 

Debugging: We identify and resolve software defects, errors, and bugs.  

Unit Testing: Our Software developers write unit test cases to test individual units or components.  

Documentation: We create user manuals, technical documentation, and other materials that help our users and developers understand how to use the software. 

Technologies We Work On

At TechBlocks, we understand that the software we build is instrumental in helping our customers grow their businesses. That’s why we take pride in creating software that is reliable and fast, and a joy to use.

Modern Web

Dot Net, Java, PHP, React JS, Node JS, Angular, SharePoint


Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics


Native and Hybrid Mobile Applications


MicroStrategy, Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI

Cloud Platforms

AWS, Azure, GCP


MS SQL, PostgreSQL, No SQL

What We Do

TechBlocks understand what it takes to develop platforms in heavily regulated spaces. From concept to commercialization, we can help.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies and build software that makes a difference in the world, we invite you to join our team!

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

TechBlocks specializes in developing custom software apps tailored to our client’s needs. We develop software for healthcare and finance industries and specific business functions like inventory management and CRM.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We develop mobile applications for iOS, Android & other mobile platforms, including applications for various industries, such as social media, digital commerce, healthcare, or entertainment.

Web Development

Web Development

We specialize in developing web-based applications and websites, including e-commerce platforms, enterprise-level software applications, or websites for large & small businesses.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

We build software solutions that run on cloud-based platforms like AWS or Microsoft Azure, solutions that leverage cloud-based storage & computing resources or that integrate with other cloud-based services.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning (ML)

From image recognition to natural language processing and predictive analytics, our software development team is at the forefront of AI & ML innovation.

Our Design Thinking Principles

At TechBlocks, we believe in putting the user first. That’s why we’ve adopted design thinking as our methodology of choice for developing software applications.

These are the principles we live and work by.

We Can’t Wait To Get To Know You.

Take a look at our open positions, discover a role you’re passionate about, silence that inner critic, and submit your application.