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Client Story

Reimagining The Connected Car For An Automotive Giant

Who They Are

Client Background

One Of The World’s Largest Automobile Manufacturers

The Automotive Accessories and Connected Solutions Department develops connected solutions for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) and Advanced Telematics.

Their Requirements

This Automaker Needed A New Platform To Connect Real-Time Car Data

The client was looking for a partner to build a Connected Services Platform, which would provide real-time connected data and services to embedded IVI inside vehicles, as well as mobile applications.

Modernize A Complex Legacy Data Ecosystem

The client had a 3-year-old connected services platform that served data and service requests from vehicle AVN and mobile applications. However, there were challenges with their current solution, including:

  • The system was designed with very basic security measures
  • The system was not designed to serve large number of vehicles concurrently
  • The system was not designed to receive vehicle sensor and GPS data.
  • The system was not designed to scale to broader set of vehicle models

The Solution

An End-To-End Real-Time Data Platform

Based on extensive collaboration and design iteration we developed an end-to-end Connected Services Platform with new Telematics capability with a design emphasis on scalability, security, and performance that also met an  extensive list of critical business and safety requirements

  • Scalability for connections: Needed to support 1+ million vehicles connected concurrently.
  • Scalability to add new data providers: The platform provides POI Search, Place details, traffic, weather, and other value-added services to enhance the driver experience.
  • Responsiveness: The response time to APIs is critical to user experience.
  • Service Up Time/Availability: Needed to provide a minimum uptime of 99.99%.
  • Security: It is important to ensure that the API server is scalable and high performance and secure.
  • Backward compatibility: The platform must ensure that the new connected services platform is backward compatible to currently deployed API’s.

The Technology

The Connected Car Platform Of The Future

Through the Connected Service Platform, the client aims to enhance its vehicle experience and car technology platform and connect with its customers like never before. 

This technology platform powers many models of this automaker for the Middle East market, and aims to extend it to other regions.

The Results

Delivery Beyond Expectation

An end-to-end, real-time analytics application for vehicle health tracking, car connected services, and driver assessment

1 Million

Events Per Second


Process millions of events per second. Scale to accommodate the growing numbers of cars on the road every day


Second Or Less Response Time


Highly responsive API platform for connected services

X.509, TLS1.3

And Enterprise-Grade Data Encryption At Rest


Complies with country region data protection and storage standards

99.99 %

Guaranteed Uptime


Built on highly available cloud infrastructure with geo-redundant platform setup

Don’t Know Where To Start?

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