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Case study: Driving Growth and Innovation in Modern Furniture E-commerce 

Leading modern furniture retailer set new standards in e-commerce excellence through the launch of a headless platform.

30% Increased conversion rate in 2 months

4% Increase in AOV(Average Order Value)

50% Improvement in site performance


Our client, a forward-thinking, direct-to-consumer modern furniture brand, is dedicated to redefining the traditional furniture shopping experience. They conceptualized a modular product that combined style and comfort, making it easily shippable at an affordable cost to customers. With a focus on contemporary design, craftsmanship, and convenience, our client has rapidly emerged as a leader in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Since its launch in 2017, the concept gained significant traction, resulting in $3 million in sales. While this success marked substantial growth for our client, it also highlighted the limitations of their existing e-commerce platform, signaling the need for a more scalable solution.

New Capabilities

Our client sought transformative solutions to address their key challenges and unlock new capabilities for sustainable growth:

Scalable Infrastructure

A robust e-commerce platform capable of seamlessly scaling to accommodate rapid business expansion and increasing demand.

Personalized Experiences

Advanced personalization features to tailor the shopping experience, drive engagement, and foster customer loyalty.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined backend processes and automation tools to optimize operations, reduce overhead costs, and improve fulfillment speed.

Order Management System Integration

Automated Order Parsing

Orders are automatically parsed into fulfillment tasks and distributed to designated warehouses for processing.

Real-time Order Updates

Shipment notifications from warehouses are fed back into the new e-commerce platform, ensuring timely updates to customer orders.

Customer Notification System

Utilizing AfterShip integration, customers receive real-time updates on shipment statuses, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Product Recommendation Enhancement

Scalable Product Portfolio

As the client's product range expands, Unboxed facilitates dynamic product recommendations tailored to individual customer preferences.

Seamless Integration

Easy integration of Unboxed into the client's e-commerce platform, ensuring smooth operation and efficient utilization of recommendation features.

Operational Efficiency Tools

Streamlined Backend Operations

Using tools such as Coupon Manager for bulk uploads of coupon codes, streamlining backend processes and enabling efficient management of promotional campaigns.

Enhanced Backend Functionality

Coupon Manager simplifies the creation, distribution, and tracking of coupon codes, optimizing promotional efforts and enhancing customer engagement.


TechBlocks got right to it with multilayered solutions that would help the client with the groundwork they needed for this transition.

TechBlocks implemented a headless ecommerce platform that could support our client's evolving business model. The new platform was designed to handle multiple products, channels, and vendors, ensuring scalability and flexibility.

TechBlocks integrated advanced promotional capabilities into the new ecommerce platform, allowing our client to create bundles, tiers, and cart discounts. This enabled them to implement more effective marketing strategies and drive sales.

TechBlocks implemented a robust order fulfillment and shipment management system. The new system could support multiple fulfillments and shipments, associate them back to orders, and communicate shipping terms to customers effectively.

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