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Case study: Giftagram

Taking a Giant Leap:
Transforming a B2C Gifting Startup to B2B enterprise

30% Increased e-Commerce Conversion Rate

2x Increased in average gifts per customer

1/2 Increased Online Finance Applications


The Giftagram Journey before Techblocks

A pioneer in corporate gifting, Giftagram has been dedicated to helping companies foster positive relationships with their employees and personalized gifting experiences. Giftagram’s product offerings encompass a diverse range, including personalized gifts, branded merchandise, gift cards, wellness products, experiences, and more.

When the business focus swayed to large enterprises, so did the need for business volume and processes to meet expectations of these industry giants.


Robustness & Agility

The need to boost capabilities & introduce new features that cater to a B2B client base

Offloading Strategic Projects

Meet critical deadlines, offload initiatives and minimize the need for micro-management


Introduce tailored gifting experiences and fulfill the expectations of customers and employees

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Enter TechBlocks, a reliable and experienced technology partner to help Giftagram scale fast and move faster. While Giftagram focused on business strategy, the platform engineering was handed over to us.

Customer-Facing Platform

Unified Experience & Real-Time Tracking

A single, intuitive interface for seamless cross-device experience including order tracking fostered transparency and building customer trust

Personalized Gifting & Curated Gift Collections

Tailored landing pages, branded cards, diverse gifting methods & customizable baskets made selection easier and enjoyable for customers

Seamless Integration

Smooth white label integration with existing platform ensuring cohesive branding and branded experience including Salesforce, HubSpot, Compass CRM, Google reviews, E-signature, SSO (Azure, Google, OKTA), and payments (via Credits and Stripe integration)

Employee-Facing Platform

Efficient Approvals

Customizable workflows, swift order approvals enhanced efficiency

Analytics Dashboard

Monitor trends, budgets and assess impact of gifting campaigns

Order & Inventory Management

The system allowed real-time inventory visibility, reducing stockouts and order queue oversight.


TechBlocks got right to it with multilayered solutions that would help Giftagram with the groundwork they needed for this transition.

Enterprise readiness assessed, user journeys mapped, and user stories crafted to inform development priorities

Improvements in the customer and employee facing platforms with an additional white label product configuration

These were established to ensure optimal productivity and product excellence:

Business impact

TechBlocks partnership with Giftagram produced significant results

Seamless CRM, HCM and SSO integrations reduced time for placing customer orders by 50%

Secure multi-method payment system boosted sales volume by 30%

Corporate clients enjoyed white labeled gifts and initiated bulk orders. The average gifts per customer rose to 2x

What people say about us

With TechBlocks as their partner, Giftagram’s B2B transition was facilitated smoothly. The addition of a white label product configuration feature elevated operations, enhancing gifting experiences and internal efficiency. This innovation spurred brand loyalty, operational excellence and made Giftagram a company that is taking corporate and custom gifting to newer heights, thereby growing their business one delightful gift at a time.

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