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Case Study

Grounded by a Hailstorm of Issues

Eliminate technical debt & improve performance for a global corporate travel company.


The Results

70 %

Agility & Speed

20 %

Technical Debt

25 %

Customer & Employee Satisfaction

About The Client

The client is one of the world’s largest corporate travel companies operating in over 60 countries serving over 9,000 corporate clients globally. They provide a suite of travel consulting solutions. The global platform caters to different user roles, and its mobile app provides real-time access, alerts, and support. Their services include a suite of travel consulting solutions, travel policy, risk management, expense control for companies, traveler safety, and more.



The pandemic disrupted worldwide travel, and they needed to adapt to customer needs quickly. The business was struggling to tackle the required tech changes and needed to find a solution fast.

The pandemic disrupted worldwide travel and they needed to quickly adapt to customer needs. The business was struggling to tackle the required tech changes and needed to find a solution fast.


Techblocks’ Solutions

TechBlocks conducted a comprehensive review of their capabilities to help optimize their capabilities.


New Capabilities

Fraud Detection 

Systems to quickly flag potential fraud and prevent it before it becomes a serious issue.

Test Automation Pipelines

Automate testing for quicker and more comprehensive testing of their platform.

Payment processing
Payment processing white

Refund Processing

Provide an easier and reliable process for refunds.

Agent Tool Improvements

Tools for their travel agents to better service their customers and keep track of active issues.


MFA & Other Authentication Improvements

Increased security for user authentication.

UX Personalization


Guest Checkout

The ability for users to process their orders without requiring a login to speed up their checkout by removing roadblocks
in their experience.


Error Trapping, Improved User Friendly Messages

Create a better experience for the customer while giving them a better idea of what error may have happened so that they can adequately resolve it.

User Preferences

Provide logged-in users with the ability to further customize their experience when using the website.


Product Customization

Additional Payment Options (Pay Now)

Provide more options for the customer to checkout as well as the quicker Pay Now option that speeds up their experience and lowers the user friction.

Order Status Update

Customers can track their orders, providing transparency, and reducing questions from the customer and their status.

Results & Impact

Through our engagement, we were able to deliver product improvements and new features that raised the overall quality of the travel platform, while improving the customer experience.

We Deliver

Product Features Delivered On Time

Strategic projects that had critical deadlines, as well as new features and improvements, were delivered on time.

Accelerated Speed

Improved Agility & Speed

They were able to improve their ability to deliver improvements to their product and respond to new challenges and issues.


Technical Debt Reduction

Updating features and elements within their product were able to reduce the existing technical debt, allowing for quicker and easier future updates for improvements or new features.

User experience

Improved Employee Experience

New tools and procedures improved the employee experience, allowing them to more easily and quickly respond to issues that may come about.


End User Experience

New and improved features, and better ability for agents to assist and respond to customer, increased the user experience leading to an increase in end user satisfaction.

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