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Honda’s Holistic Information Management System (IMS) Transformation

Project Overview

Honda is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment, headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The company wanted to transform its administrative process workflow through automation of tasks and implementing the Company Product Distribution (CPD) lifecycle.  

Initially, Honda relied on legacy processes like Excel Spreadsheets to administer the program, which was inefficient and cumbersome to use, whilst also posing security risks given the portable nature of Excel files. TechBlocks designed and developed an end-to-end administrative system, which allowed Honda to input necessary information into a central repository and have built in capabilities to manage and organize their information. 

Business Pain Points

We understand the business faces following challenges today

Data in isolated excel files – redundant, duplicate and no single source of truth

Cumbersome and time consuming manual processes required for the CPD team

Lacks a w/f based system to manage work, no information flow across stages and processes

Multiple independent processes results in inefficiencies in process and resource backup planning

Report generation and reconciliation (e.g. with Web) is time consuming

Current system lacks analytical insights and forecasting capabilities

Key Design Goals


Modular and Non Monolithic

Data Strategy And Roadmap white

Business Agility with CI and CD


Integration Ready with API Gateway


Information Security

IT Skill Augmentation white





Modern Web & Cross Platform Architecture

Value Added Services

Performance, Highly Availability and Business Continuity

Creative Agency white

Microsoft Stack


OWASP Compliant

Project Key Success Factors

We put you on the road to success

Improve how CPD operates to make it more efficient including automating specific tasks

Centralize and secure CPD’s departmental data to meet IT security compliance

Test lab for Sales Modernization and Innovation

Reduce data management effort – easy to import, enter and export data for reporting, and data reconciliation with WEBI

A future-proof modular solution built with micro services and REST API architecture that lays foundation for future enhancements including the related CPD Associate Portal

Solution Design

Agility of a creative agency

Maturity of an enterprise

Foresight of a consulting firm

Project Key Highlights

High Level Design
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Modern Web
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Business Agility
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Business Continuity
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