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Enabling Remote Work for 100’s of Employees Over One Weekend During the COVID Pandemic

Remote work

About the Client

Zapdesk is a leading and innovative provider of technology-based operations and process solutions for enterprise clients worldwide. 


The Results

35 %

Cost Savings

The transition from on-premises to WVD solution enabled 35% cost-savings with cloud-based business continuity architecture

98 %

Reduced Time

Reduced user onboarding time from 2 days to 1 hour

33 %

Reduction of IT Supports

Reduction of IT Supports from 6 FTE’s to 2

What They Needed

The Challenge

As the Covid-19 emergency escalated, Zapdesk faced the urgent challenge of enabling hundreds of office-based employees to work from home and access complex and highly confidential systems easily and securely. 


Their Requirements

Hundreds of workers needed to start working from home ASAP across multiple devices and networks, and access a variety of internal applications. 

Members Only

The rapid activation of a solution that enabled hundreds of employees to access operations-critical systems and content on multiple devices in homes across the globe.


Maintain a balance between customer service and security/governance compliance.


Scale, provision, de-provision, and manage a globally distributed workforce from one central platform.


Accurately and efficiently manage Microsoft product licensing across the workforce as it changes.


Monitor and report workforce security, utilization, performance, and productivity data.

What We Did

We leveraged our start-up mindset and enterprise cloud architecture experience to rapidly provision and configure a stable, consistent, and secure cloud-based remote workspace solution. 


Rapidly transitioned from on-premises to a cloud-based Windows Virtual Desktop solution for hundreds of employees across the globe.


Provisioned pre-configured Windows Virtual Desktops with the right toolset that enabled their staff to work remotely from any location on any device with actual BYOD experience.

Talent Acquisition

Enabled a familiar Windows desktop experience for employees reducing the risk and disruption of training curves.

Custom Software Development

Enabled unified desktop image creation & management, rapidly accelerating provisioning and onboarding of users across all devices and locations.


Provided an integrated single console platform with unified billing, centralized security & governance architecture.


Provided a license usage & allocation report that allowed visibility of license spend and cost optimization opportunities.

Enhanced Scale

Out-of-the-box support for real-time employee productivity and analytics.

The Results

We moved an entire workforce to remote in a weekend without skipping a beat. 

Cloud Native

Rapidly and safely transitioned hundreds of employees to a 100% remote cloud-based operation in days without disruption.


The transition from on-premises to WVD solution enabled 35% cost savings with cloud-based business continuity architecture.

Days and Hour

Reduced user onboarding time from 2 days to 1 hour.


Reduction of IT Supports from 6 FTEs to 2.

Progressive Web App

Enabled single point of control for Microsoft licensing management.

Performance Testing

Enabled a single point of view for performance and activity reporting.

Looking to Enable Remote Work?

TechBlocks can help securely migrate your on-premises platforms to the cloud to enable remote work globally.