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Case Study

Move at the Speed of Life

Transform a retailer entrenched in 150 brick-and-mortar locations to become an omnichannel powerhouse.

digital commerce experience

Adopting a Modern
Customer-First Mindset

Until now, the priority was to push customers from e-commerce to their brick-and-mortar stores.

The sudden shift in customer behavior during the pandemic, from what they spend their money on to not wanting to go into a store at all, suddenly pivoted the majority of consumers into adopting a digital-first mindset.

Their current platform would not support the pivot.

The existing digital platform and business processes would not allow our client to realize their vision of adopting an organizational-wide Customer-First mindset.

It would be too expensive and time-intensive to revamp the old platform when a new platform would be quicker, less expensive, and future-proof.



Hurdles in the Way
Challenges Impeding Growth

Monolithic Architecture

This hindered agility and innovation

Platform Rigidity

Launching new features and initiatives, notably in credit financing, proved difficult

Technical Debt

Outdated PHP stack hampered development


Security Risks

The legacy codebase carried security risks and required constant patching to prevent

Escalating Costs

An aging platform led to mounting expenses and complexity

If ever there was a time for a massive pivot, this was it.

Understanding the Customer

Instead of pushing current customers into an existing ecosystem that was falling short of their expectations, a new platform needed to be built to reach beyond the expectations of future customers. A comprehensive understanding of customer needs informs the entire omnichannel solution.

Buyer Persona

Understanding the Customer


OccupationRegional Manager
Education levelUniversity


Adam is a family man who is married and has one boy. He cares for his boy during the day while his wife works. Then, Adam works nights as a regional manager. He is consistently taking his kid to do sports activities to entertain him. He also enjoys trips with his family. They just bought a new house; they move in 30 days.


  • Prime Credit, No Credit Solution
  • Ease of Use
  • Straightforward Website
  • Simple Checkout Process with Few Steps
  • Available on a Mobile Device
  • One-stop shop and in-stock

Pain Points

  • Busy and Distracted by his kid
  • Needs all new appliances ASAP
  • Needs to find a new family room set ASAP
  • He wants a new bunk bed for his kid
  • Inconsistent access to his Home’s Wi-Fi
  • He lives near a store today, but his new house is located 110 Miles from the closest store.


digital commerce experience

Key Focus Area

Beyond technical challenges, Our client wanted to undergo a customer- and business-centric transformation with a focused approach.



Take customer experience up a notch through tailored recommendations and targeted marketing. This could be personalized email services or other customer-first messaging.

Organizational Cultural Change

Our Center of Excellence (CoE) framework encompasses a broad team, function, or organizational structure that brings together expertise on a specific capability area to drive excellence in product delivery and optimal customer experience. A Scrum of Scrums approach ensures orchestration and communication flow between Pods and Towers.

Strategic Planning 

Employ a customer-first lens to attract and retain customers through cross-functional collaboration.


Digital Experience Boost

Enhance site performance, navigation, transaction processes, SEO and leverage SaaS to accelerate the overall digital experience for a user.

Supply Chain

Extend product availability across North
America to expand customer access.


Each functional component of the site is organized in Pods consisting of a product manager, scrum master, developers, designers and QA to ensure maximum agility and speed, while Towers maintain consistency and alignment architecturally and user experience across Pods.

Setting the Plan in Motion

Our Approach
Assessment Planning

In-depth analysis of the existing monolithic system, identification of its data flows, dependencies or pain points like scalability issues. After this analysis was complete, clear migration goals were set.

Business Impacts Enabling a Bright Future

The new platform provides optimal agility, security, and performance to enable our client to exceed the modern consumer’s expectations while providing the tools and flexibility for their internal teams to innovate continually and reach their full potential.

Designing the Composable Architecture

Developer Productivity

Developers focused on innovation & feature development after the composable architecture reduced technical debt.


Agile Initiatives

The new platform’s flexibility empowered them to launch new initiatives without friction, including credit financing options.


Security & Stability

This migration mitigated security risks, providing a stable platform for the company and customers alike.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Better site performance, which meant faster page load times and lower bounce rates.

Customer Experience

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