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Re-Engineering The User Experience For The Growth Of An Award-Winning Brand

Reengineering The User Experience For The Growth Of An Award-Winning Brand

Project Overview

Koodo Mobile is one of Canada’s most successful low-cost mobile phone providers. Over the past few years, Koodo Mobile has experienced significant growth, which has forced the company to quickly adapt and change its business model to serve the needs of their growing customer base.


The Challenge

One of the most significant bottlenecks that Koodo Mobile faced was in their web presence, which quickly became insufficient for their business needs. More specifically, Koodo Mobile faced the following challenges:


A website that was increasingly difficult to manage and maintain

Mobile App Development

A customer base that was increasingly accessing their website on mobile devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets)


Increasing maintenance costs that were outpacing justified expenditures

Human Resources

Customer demands growing and changing at an increasing rate


Increasing costs to service customers and infrastructure


Customer service quality was decreasing to a level unacceptable to Koodo Mobile

Customers Demanding

Customers demanding increased online capabilities

The Process

In order to handle the increasing demands of doing business, Koodo Mobile reached out to TechBlocks for assistance. TechBlocks then put their creative team to work developing a self-service portal solution. After just a few months, TechBlocks created the following solutions for Koodo Mobile’s challenges:

The Solution

The TechBlocks solution utilized one of the latest and most reliable Content Management System (CMS) to create Koodo Mobile’s self-service portal. The platform is both stable and flexible. The specific technologies used include:

Google Search

Google Search


DNN Evoq Content

Microsoft ASP .NET


Responsive HTML5 / CSS3

The Results

Delivery Beyond Expectations

Through the self-service portal which TechBlocks built, Koodo Mobile has already seen significant benefits as a result of the platform changes including:

Improved Customer Satisfaction

A dramatically increased customer satisfaction rate, with some reports indicating an increase of more than 50%


Improved Customer Experience

A significant reduction in the amount of time customers spend on the phone with customer support


Reduced Costs

Significantly reduced cost of content creation, as well as reduced maintenance costs associated with that content

Customer Loyalty

Already-noticeable increased customer loyalty

Increased Efficency

Increased efficiency of managers and other employees at Koodo Mobile

  • Koodo Manager
    “TechBlocks has been able to deliver quality work on tight deadlines. They demonstrated immense flexibility in working with us in terms of budget, style, and schedules. We have been extremely satisfied with the customized solutions…and look forward to collaborating again with them in the future.”
    John Klayh Manager of the Koodo Mobile Web

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