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Case study: TechBlocks Furnishes a Leading Furniture Retailer with Platform to Grow its Business  

Expanding Horizons: A Leading Furniture Retailer's Growth Journey

228% Increase in customers

229% Increase in orders

373% Increase in revenue


Our client, a leading furniture manufacturer and retailer, started its journey in 1991 with a vision to provide attractive and affordable designer furniture for customers with a discerning eye for quality. What began in a single office in Southern California has now grown into a globally recognized brand with business holdings in Japan, Russia, the Middle East, Europe, Western Asia, and Australia.

Despite its humble beginnings, our client's success has been driven by a steadfast dedication to the craft of furniture and decor. Their product range includes furniture for the living room, bedroom, and dining room, as well as complementary decor, lighting, and art.


TechBlocks got right to it with multilayered solutions that would help the client with the groundwork they needed for this transition.

Our client's decision to switch to TechBlocks was driven by the need to grow and expand their online business. Their Sales and Marketing Manager played a crucial role in advocating for the migration to a different platform to meet the company's evolving needs.

TechBlocks provided our client with an enterprise-grade e-commerce platform that offered a wide range of functionalities out of the box. This included features for product management, order processing, and customer management, all essential for scaling their online business.

The platform provided our client with the flexibility to adopt new payment methods easily. This included popular digital wallets and payment gateways like Apple Pay and PayPal, ensuring a seamless checkout experience for customers.

The platform's flexibility made it easy for our client to streamline the checkout process. This included connectivity to their ERP system, NetSuite, and integration with Facebook and Instagram shops for direct order syncing.

The new e-commerce platform seamlessly integrated with our client's ERP system serving as the company's order management system. This integration enabled orders from various sales channels to sync directly into the platform, simplifying the overall business operations.

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