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Case Study

Transforming the Last Mile Delivery Industry with PenguinPickUp

As PenguinPickUp grew their market share and evolved their business model, they realized that the existing platform couldn’t support their long-term growth and partners. We helped them reinvent themselves through technology consulting, cloud platform development, and managed support solutions.


About the Client

PenguinPickUp is a last-mile delivery solution that provides consumers, retailers, and courier companies with secure and convenient package pickup and drop-off locations across Canada. 


Nationwide Coverage

PenguinPickUp continues to grow to provide nationwide coverage from Vancouver to Montreal and locations in between.

Over 5.5 Million Canadians live within 2km of a PenguinPickUp Centre.


Secure & Convenient

PenguinPickUp reduces the risk of package theft by providing secure drop-off locations for courier companies like FedEx, UPS, Purolator, and others, allowing customers in busy urban centers to hold their packages until they are ready to retrieve them. 



In addition to direct integration with key retailers like Walmart, Ikea, and Dollarama, PenguinPickUp is retail agnostic, allowing customers to conveniently ship packages from any company, even renowned platforms like Amazon, directly to PenguinPickUp stores. 


Courier Partners

Direct integration with Class-A courier and logistics companies like FedEx, UPS, Purolator, DHL, Canpar, and others allows undelivered packages to be brought to a secure location convenient to the customer.


Home Delivery

PenguinPickUp Subscribers can have their consolidated packages delivered to their home at a time that works for them if they cannot reach a store location. 


Facing Business

When PenguinPickUp started in 2014, the platform was built in 12 weeks as a minimally viable product (MVP), meant to test the concept in the market. As PenguinPickUp grew their market share and evolved their business model, they realized that the current platform could support their long-term growth and partners much longer.  

  • Vice-President-Operations-at-PenguinPickUp-165×165-c-center
    “When it was time for us to evolve and innovate, we went to our partners at TechBlocks to help us build version 2.0 of our platform. They took the time to come to our stores and learn how our existing platform was working. They truly learned our procedures by observing up close both the human and technological processes and were able to deliver a massive 67-page audit. The team’s creative problem-solving backed by enterprise service management solutions helped develop PenguinPickUp 2.0.”
    Brad Baker Vice President Operations – PenguinPickUp

The Solution

Building a New Operational Platform

We needed to understand who the key stakeholders of the platform would be going forward. These were broken down into four categories: 

  • Employees
  • Consumers
  • Retail Partners
  • Courier and Logistics Partners
Integration Partners

Transforming the PenguinPickUp Experience

TechBlocks has been a Cloud First company since the idea of a public cloud computing platform was still an early concept from Microsoft & Amazon.  The PenguinPickup 2.0 platform was built entirely on Microsoft Azure using serverless architecture.

Platform Cloud Architecture

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Platform Technology
Communication Technology

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