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Shaping Your Cloud Strategy for Long-Term Success

The future of business is cloud-first. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, our expert Cloud Consulting and implementation services ensure you harness the full potential of the cloud’s agility, scalability, and efficiency.

We go beyond just implementing technology-we provide strategic advisory services to ensure your cloud adoption is successful, secure, and compliant with industry regulations.

National Last-Mile Delivery Platform Using Cloud-Native Technology

From turning an idea into a powerhouse supporting major global retailers, we've been a key player in PenguinPickUp's national expansion. When they needed to scale, they chose TechBlocks as their cloud technology partner. Our team developed a cloud-native platform that integrates seamlessly with over two dozen retailers and courier companies like Walmart, IKEA, FedEx, and DHL. The result? Effortless checkout and delivery, driving convenience and efficiency to new heights.

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We optimize costs and allocate IT resources for enhanced productivity and faster time to market. Partnering with Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft, and other top providers, we guide you through the complexities of the cloud for a confident start, maximizing sales and ROI.

TechBlocks collaborates with top industry partners and innovators to offer expert advice and tailor-made technology solutions. Together, we deliver scalable, fully integrated cloud solutions that drive exceptional results.

Our Cloud Capabilities

We build modern cloud applications that help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), increase flexibility, stability, security, and support the evolving needs of your business.
  1. Our team designs robust and scalable cloud architectures that align with your business needs, maximizing efficiency and performance across your cloud infrastructure.

  2. We analyze and optimize your cloud spending, providing strategies to reduce costs while maintaining high performance and scalability.

  3. We expertly manage your cloud migration process, minimizing disruption and optimizing performance to ensure a smooth and successful transition to the cloud.

  4. TechBlocks ensures your cloud environment is secure and compliant with industry standards, implementing advanced security measures and governance frameworks.

  5. At TechBlocks, we develop comprehensive cloud strategies tailored to your business objectives, ensuring a seamless transition to a scalable and efficient cloud environment.

  6. We manage and maintain your cloud infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, security, and reliability to support your business operations effectively.

  7. We develop cloud-native applications that leverage the full potential of cloud technologies, delivering scalable, reliable, and high-performing solutions tailored to your needs.

  8. TechBlocks ensures your business is prepared for any disruption with robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans, safeguarding your data and operations.

  9. Our experts guide your journey to a multi-cloud environment, enabling seamless integration and management of multiple cloud platforms for enhanced flexibility and resilience.

Case Study

Reinventing the Connected Car with Toyota

Toyota partnered with us to transform each vehicle into a hub of digital innovation, dramatically enhancing safety, efficiency, and enjoyment on the road. This collaboration has built one of the largest connected car platforms in the world, capable of processing millions of transactions a minute with the robust support of AWS. Join us on this revolutionary journey where we redefine what it means to drive in the modern world.

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Our expertise in advanced cloud integration and orchestration enables you to transform and elevate your operations, driving unprecedented growth and efficiency.

Cloud Data & Analytics

At TechBlocks, we architect and implement sophisticated cloud-based data lakes and analytics platforms, utilizing Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Machine Learning algorithms to convert vast amounts of raw data into actionable business insights.

Cloud Governance & Policy Management

We design and enforce robust cloud governance frameworks, employing policy-as-code tools such as AWS Config and Azure Policy to ensure compliance, security, and alignment with enterprise standards.

Performance Monitoring & Optimization

Our engineers leverage advanced performance monitoring solutions like AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, and Prometheus to continuously track and fine-tune your cloud infrastructure, proactively identifying and mitigating performance bottlenecks.

Cloud AI Integration & Deployment

TechBlocks seamlessly integrates AI capabilities into your cloud infrastructure, leveraging machine learning and AI tools to enhance automation, intelligence, and innovation.

IoT Solutions & Management

We develop and manage IoT solutions that connect and optimize your devices, utilizing cloud platforms to enable real-time data processing, analysis, and improved operational efficiency.

Cloud DevOps

Our DevOps practices incorporate CI/CD pipelines with tools such as Jenkins, GitLab CI, and AWS CodePipeline, along with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices, to optimize your development lifecycle and accelerate deployment.

Cloud Managed Services

TechBlocks provides comprehensive managed services, handling the day-to-day management of your cloud infrastructure to ensure optimal performance, security, and cost-efficiency.


We utilize containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes to architect and deploy microservices-based applications, enhancing the portability, scalability, and resilience of your cloud environments.

Case Study

Transforming a B2C Gifting Startup to B2B Enterprise

A pioneer in corporate gifting, Giftagram has been dedicated to helping companies foster positive relationships with their employees and personalized gifting experiences. Giftagram's product offerings encompass a diverse range, including personalized gifts, branded merchandise, gift cards, wellness products, experiences, and more. While Giftagram focused on business strategy, the platform engineering was handed over to us. With TechBlocks as their partner, Giftagram's B2B transition was facilitated smoothly.

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Ready to Hit the Pedal?

We hope we’ve proven we’re far more than engineers … we’re strategic advisors to many of our clients. Providing them with expert advice that extends beyond digital commerce platform development. We become an integral part of our clients’ team and a critical friend as we help build their futures.

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