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We Create Award-Winning User Experiences.

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Optimize Your User Experience

Helping A Large American Retailer – Conn’s Home Plus Reinvent Their Online Shopping Experience

Conn’s worked with TechBlocks to improve the user experience of their e-commerce website, improving conversion rate, user satisfaction, and marketplace integration.

Clients Who Trust TechBlocks

What We Do

We help design unified user experiences across multiple touchpoints using a design-thinking methodology.

Research & Assessment

Using a User-Centric design thinking approach, we conduct user research, collecting data to help you make informed decisions.

Product Design

Using our 15+ years of experience designing platforms, we help design powerful digital products that are easy to use.


Help raise the maturity of your company’s digital product experience through UX/UI consulting.

Could Your User Experience Be Improved?

Our Approach

We use a consultative approach to user experience (UX) design that meets the needs of various stakeholders across your internal and external teams that can evolve as your product evolves.

Our Engagement Models

Our flexible engagement models work for you. Short-term & long-term resourcing options allow you to add resources on demand or constrain costs with long-term dedicated resources.

Project Based

Flexible user experience design services for a defined application or product to meet milestones on a predefined timeline, scope, or budget.

Dedicated & On-Demand Teams

Leverage our engineers as if they are your own. Dedicated pods and on-demand resources let you flex up and down your development team as needed.

Research & Development Technologies We Trust

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Transforming The Customer Service Experience

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With the growing competition in the Canadian Mobile Market, Telus sought to enhance its customer service experience across multiple channels and devices while reducing operational costs through a self-service strategy.

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At TechBlocks, we lead with innovative ideas. Across all our businesses, we share customer-centric industry thinking and transformative insights.

Looking To Build A Great User Experience?

A great user experience starts with great research, domain experience, and a relentless pursuit of user satisfaction.