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eCommerce platforms and technologies

By anticipating future needs of retailers and their customers, we deliver composable eCommerce platforms with future-proof technologies that keep pace with relentless change.

eCommerce platforms

To demonstrate the breadth and depth of our partner ecosystem, and where their platforms fit into our solutions, we’ve outlined some of the preferred brands we build with to provide future-ready eCommerce architectures.


BigCommerce their platform includes online store creation, SEO, hosting, marketing and security features.


Magento provides retailers with a flexible shopping cart system. Also control over the look, content and functionality of their online presence.

Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud offers a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms. 


Commercetools is a cloud-based headless commerce platform that provides APIs to power eCommerce sales.

Elastic Path

Elastic Path is a headless commerce system that allows template-less eCommerce to be integrated into resource planning systems.


Vendure provides the solid foundation for any eCommerce application: inventory management, orders, customers, taxes, promotions, and more.

Frontend as a Service

Vue Storefront offers a solution for composable commerce used to build, deploy, and manage scalable and highly customizable storefronts faster and easier.

Headless CMS Platforms

We believe in the power that headless and composable technologies provide for a flexible and modular approach to building eCommerce ecosystems. It allows us to assemble and integrate components in a fully-customizable manner. Our clients can adapt quickly to changing market needs, and seamlessly integrate new features in a safe and reliable way.

Why consider a composable and headless approach to eCommerce?

  1. Experiment and innovate by integrating new technologies and services seamlessly, with the option to switch out components that optimize for business needs and customer experience.

  2. Scale individual components independently, and optimize performance for best-in-class shopping experiences, even during peak traffic periods.

  3. Avoid costs associated with implementing and maintaining a single platform, while still delivering flawless omnichannel experiences.

  4. Easily fuse your stack with third-party services and tools, streamlining operations and improving customer satisfaction.

  5. Ensure your business can readily adopt and integrate advancements, and stay ahead of the competition while meeting evolving customer expectations.

  6. Delivering exceptional CX has been proven to improve loyalty, lifetime value, and market share.

  7. Switch or upgrade individual components without being locked into long agreements with a single platform provider.

Jason Reid CEO & Co-Founder, Giftagram

From the very beginning we were impressed with the years of experience that TechBlocks brought to the table and also, you know, breadth of expertise. TechBlocks enabled us to flex into areas, providing us with a ton of flexibility.

200% Increase in volume

Category leading composable commerce engineers

An amazing user experience starts with a solid foundation. That’s why our solution architects expertly curate the right digital commerce technologies from industry leaders—and trusted partners—to provide our clients with an unparalleled experience from inception to execution.

Vendor-agnostic solutions for maximum flexibility

We work for clients, not our platform partners. We’re proud to offer a range of headless and composable eCommerce solutions, without vendor lock-ins. Throughout our discovery phase, our teams work with client teams to understand their needs and select the optimal technology stack to exceed business objectives.

Custom builds, for when off-the-shelf is not enough

Even the most robust ecosystems can have their limitations. We can overcome any barriers—and accelerate product delivery—by developing custom composable components and applications, extending or replacing core platform functionality. Some of our custom apps are already available:

  1. /01 BillPay Integrate with existing site My Account pages to provide standalone options for guest users.
  2. /02 Credilink Our unique headless solution for eCommerce clients accelerates revenue growth, by unifying and simplifying the entire credit financing and payments lifecycle into a single cohesive service.
  3. /03 SearchBlocks An AI-powered headless search-as-a-service platform that offers a fast, scalable, and intuitive search experience for websites and mobile applications.

Expertise in action

We’re proud to have partnered with leading commerce brand PenguinPickUp to meet an underserved need in their marketplace.

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Our global network of solution architects, engineers and designers allow our clients to scale their development quickly. If strategy, speed and agility matter to you, we’ll show you how we supported eCommerce clients from brief to launch.

Ready to Hit the Pedal?

Our global network of solution architects, engineers and designers allow our clients to scale their development quickly. If strategy, speed and agility matter to you, we’ll show you how we supported eCommerce clients from brief to launch.

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