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Building A Web3-Powered Enterprise World

Powered by Blockchain, DeFi, decentralized apps, Metaverse, AI, ML, AR, VR, and IoT. Get ahead of the curve & be among the first to provide a Web3 experience for your users, from concept to commercialization.

Build, Launch & Scale Web3 Solutions

From ideation to execution, harness the full potential of Web3 with our comprehensive solutions. 

The Blockchain Technology Market was valued at $5.85 billion globally and is expected to reach $12.38 trillion by 2030.  

Be a part of the Web3 revolution with a wide range of our development services.

Clients Who Trust TechBlocks

What We Do

We help organizations navigate the decentralized ecosystem and launch a future-ready Web3, Metaverse, or Blockchain platform built to scale. Our expert consulting services will help future-proof your organization with robust and sustainable Web3 solutions.   

Technology Consultation

Leverage the latest in strategic innovation, product development, and community-building to refine your vision, identify your target audience, and communicate your value proposition in a clear and compelling way.

Web3 Development

Leave a lasting impression on your audience with our fully customized, decentralized platforms that leverage the latest in Web3 technologies.

Metaverse Development

Our Metaverse developers are experts in building immersive and innovative platforms and integrations that drive real business value in a digital-first world.

NFT Marketplace Development

Launch your NFT marketplace hassle-free with our end-to-end development services. We handle the technical complexities, so you can focus on what matters most – creating and trading assets.

Crypto Exchange Development

Experience seamless and secure cryptocurrency trading with our custom crypto exchange development services. With multiple payment models and high-security standards, we ensure your users enjoy reliable & hassle-free trading.

Blockchain Game Development

Create immersive, new-age games such as “play-to-earn” and NFT-based multiplayer experiences with cutting-edge tools like Unreal Engine 5 and Unity to attract a broader audience and enhance your Blockchain game’s success.

Chatbot Development

Unlock the potential of Large Language Models (LLM), NLP, and business logic to build virtual assistants and interactive chatbots that deliver personalized and seamless interactions.

AR/VR/MR Solutions

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) let your customers bring them wherever they are. Provide users with augmented training tools, virtual try-on, smart lenses, filters, or interactive elements on their smartphones.

AI Development

Leverage the power of AI/ML to take your enterprise to the next level. Our developers have the expertise and knowledge to build future-ready solutions that can drive business growth and success.

What Makes Us Your First Choice for Web3 Development?

Web3 is not just a new technology; it’s a paradigm shift.  

At TechBlocks, we strive to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds with our Web3 solutions. We focus on creating a contextualized user experience using the latest technologies, resulting in constructive and practical solutions for businesses.    

We specialize in helping businesses enter the exciting world of the Metaverse by creating immersive experiences using AR/VR/MR technologies. With our top-notch Web3 technology services & solutions, we provide expert guidance on navigating the decentralized world of Web3. Irrespective of your industry, we are proficient in offering on-demand mobile app delivery that caters to your unique business needs.   

With our full spectrum of Web3 development services, we empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve and succeed in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

Industry Agnostic Solutions

We cater to diverse industries, equipping them with the necessary tools to prepare for the future-ready Metaverse. Our expertise in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality enables businesses to realize the potential of this emerging technology.   


Step into the promising niche of DeFi or enhance your existing product in this rapidly evolving next internet iteration and stay ahead of the curve.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Leverage the power of Web3 to enhance pharmaceutical supply chain security. Track medications at every stage, deterring theft and enabling swift detection of any discrepancies.

Retail & Ecommerce

Experience the transformative power of Web3 ecommerce platforms, reshaping the online shopping landscape, driving customer satisfaction, and multiplying sales opportunities.


Effortlessly track shipments from production to customers by leveraging a secure and unalterable Blockchain ledger, with reliable logistics data allowing for efficient delivery planning, scheduling, and performance tracking.


Explore a new dimension of entertainment to identify value-generating opportunities, whether it’s finding new monetization models for IP, NFTs to accompany tickets, creating fan experiences, or building virtual worlds.

Real Estate

Embark on a transformative journey of real estate transactions with TechBlocks. Our expertise in Web3 technology ensures faster, simpler, and secure token exchanges, eliminating paperwork, intermediaries, and legal hurdles.


Harness the power of Blockchain to optimize efficiency and trust in manufacturing processes and create innovative new hardware products faster than ever.


Embrace decentralization features like NFTs and Metaverse integration in your games to unlock new possibilities and elevate your gaming experiences to the next level.

Evolution of the Web from 1.0 to Web3


Web 1.0 was limited to read-only content, static pages, simple directories, and basic functions. It revolved around web servers, email, and peer-to-peer file sharing, lacking interactivity and content ownership. Here are some of the characteristics found in Web 1.0:  

  • Static Pages     
  • HTML 3.2 Elements like Frames & Tables     
  • Content Portals   
  • GIF Buttons & Graphics 
Web 1.0


Web 2.0 brought about a read-write nature, enabling shared content and transitioning to the programmable web. It introduced Wikis, blogs, user tagging, interactive advertising, and functionalities through instant messaging, Adobe Flex, Ajax, and JavaScript frameworks. Here’s a breakdown of typical Web 2.0 features:  

  • Early Decentralization  
  • Cloud Computing
  • Personalization  
  • Death of Legacy Technology  
Web 2.0

2020 & Above  

Web3 – the next iteration of the web, or colloquially the Internet – builds on the groundwork of the pioneers of Web 2.0 and brings a larger focus on decentralization and openness. Here’s a list of typical Web3 characteristics:   

  • Decentralization & Tokenization
  • Creators Services and Platforms     
  • Personalization & Data Sovereignty    
  • Integration & Interoperability in the Metaverse   
  • Development of NFTs    
  • VR & AR Experiences 

Our Web3 Development Process

Leverage the expertise of our Web3 development team in building decentralized apps using AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and IoT. With a clear roadmap, we seamlessly drive your Web3 development process for exceptional outcomes.

Ready to Lead the Web3 Evolution?

Achieve success in your Web3 and Blockchain initiatives with our experienced team. Drive your projects to new heights!