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Engineering Services For Healthcare

Data Engineering

We help build regulatory compliant data strategies for companies managing medical, or biosensor data.

Data Engineering

Discover What Your Data Says

Regulatory-compliant data engineering for wearables, clinical trials, and electronic health platforms.

The Impact Of Poor Data Quality Can Lead To Inaccurate Diagnoses, And Delayed Treatments Of Patients

Useable data starts with a clean, easy-to-manage data architecture, granular security policies, powerful dashboards, and insights delivered through machine learning models. Deliver insights to the right user, and at the time they need it most.

What We Do

Your platform or device makes data. We make data secure, meaningful, measurable and accessible to end-users, practitioners and analysts.


Data Modernization Strategy

Migrating from legacy systems can be complex. Our data engineers work closely with you to develop a comprehensive strategy to migrate or modernize your health data in the cloud.

SQL Server

Data Engineering

Designing scalable, high availability data services requires advanced planning and data architecture design. Planning for health data inputs, data processing, and outputs is crucial.

Information Flow

Management & Governance

Zero-trust data governance is critical for regulatory compliance. We help ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, HITECH and other privacy frameworks.

Progressive Web App

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Leverage the latest cloud technology and help make business decisions quickly based on deep statistical modelling, natural language processing, and pattern recognition.

human subject

Managed Infrastructure

Improve data operations and availability through cloud infrastructure management. TechBlocks helps keep the lights on and the infrastructure running through DataOps, and end to end data infrastructure management.

Quality Engineering Planning

Visualization & Reporting

Let your data tell the story with compelling and easy to follow charts, graphs and reports. Simplify the data for the end user, whether a clinical researcher, health care provider (HCP), or the end consumer.

Not Sure What Your Data is Saying?

Digital Health Data Engineering


HIPAA Cloud Data Compliance

Ensuring your patient, user, or clinical data is secure in the cloud.

Wearables and Embedded Software

Wearable Data Visualization

Provide your user with compelling, actionable insights to their biofeedback data collected from wearable devices, such as stress monitors, heart rate monitors, or other devices.

clinical reporting

Clinical Reporting

Deliver custom reports, backed by machine learning and artificial intelligence to allow clinical researchers to infer trial or test results quickly.


Data Collection

TechBlocks builds scalable data API’s that can process hundreds of thousands of requests per second, allowing for high availability real-time data ingestion.

Technologies & Integrations We Trust




Qlik Sense







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Need Help With a Digital Health Data?

Our team would love to help you design and develop a data strategy for your digital health product or platform.