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Our goal is to help you
achieve yours.

We do this by helping organizations close the gap between business and IT strategy. Our highly skilled techno-functional digital consultants can help you maximize your existing IT investments while developing a strategic digital roadmap to help you scale, grow and evolve.

Some important questions you should ask:

  • Have you graduated from thinking projects to developing products?
  • Do your business KPIs map to your digital touch points and KPIs?
  • How big a role digital plays in strategic business use cases (i.e. operations, supply chain, customer service, field service)?
  • Obsessed with technology or gravitating towards digital experience and being technology agnostic?
  • Do you have a digital eco-system in place?
  • Do you think MVP?
  • How fast can you roll out strategic initiatives seamlessly in digital and physical worlds?

Have you defined your goals and KPI’s?

We do this by helping organizations close the gap between business and IT strategy. Our highly skilled techno-functional IT Consulting team can help you maximize your existing IT investments while developing a strategic IT roadmap to help you scale and grow.

Have you seen your boldest ideas in action?

This is the most important component in your digital transformation strategy and surprisingly often ignored. Whether your business operates in the B2B or B2C realm, today’s consumers are not interested in the product you’re selling, for them it’s all about the experience you’re delivering – and this experience must be seamless across all of your channels, both digital and non-digital.

User experience is the sum of all engagements, we need to think more holistically because everything is connected. By focusing on user experience only then can you measure and define your business KPIs. User Experience focus is our core strength. It guarantees adoption. We emphasize strategy, technology and user experience design into our solutions and focus on KPIs defined by business users and stakeholders as our guiding principles. We continuously prioritize UX and UI design from the start of the project until successful implementation ensuring active participation and feedback from users.

Is your team united?

  • Our consultants will clearly define the plan of assessment in agreement with stakeholders from different business groups.
  • We then explore and define goals, objectives, and benefits for each group
  • Ensure buy-in from groups with commitments for meetings & workshops, taking care of logistics in advance.
  • Providing a comprehensive explanation of the assessment process, deliverables and next steps to bring a comfort level to your stakeholders
  • Based on market research and available customer research data, defining user personas and creating user scenarios throughout the self-serve site
  • Conducting workshops with business groups for story boarding and defining requirements
  • Conducting workshops with technical teams for mapping requirements to technical solutions and legacy system integration
  • Providing an easy-to-read visual representation of feature release dates instead of having pages and pages of documentation
  • Conducting sessions to walk business groups through the typical user journey and make adjustments as per their feedback

Test Drive before you Buy.

TechBlocks delivers a proof of concept and prototypes to help our clients quickly and accurately test design concepts and mission critical processes. We continuously test and evolve over and over again, ensuring our assumptions progress to more valuable solutions. Our agile go-to-market strategy ensures early product viability and identifies user behaviors and needs.

You need a project plan that is collaborative and transparent.

TechBlocks will provide a complete roadmap and implementation plan, which will include a detailed account for the TechBlocks team and a recommended agile project management approach.

A comprehensive project plan will be prepared, which outlines all the critical aspects related to the smooth project execution. These include: General planning and milestones Scope Management Team formation and engagement Integration planning Communication planning Quality management Risk management and mitigation Procurements management Tracking and control mechanisms.

TechBlocks approach to project management is very collaborative and transparent. We will provide access to our project management tools (JIRA, SharePoint, TFS, etc.) to your stakeholders with pre-configured dashboards and reports to find information about project status. TechBlocks processes & software development practices are flexible and mature based on years of experience building solutions of various sizes and complexity. Our processes ensure that all the relevant stakeholders have access to TechBlocks Project Management Systems, Knowledge Management Systems and Quality Management Systems.

This process would account for early prototyping and seamless integration your organizations process and practice. TechBlocks project management processes are based on PMBOK® knowledge areas. TechBlocks projects managers are PMP and SCRUM certified. TechBlocks has capabilities in executing projects in both Waterfall (SDLC) and Agile Scrum, and it has successfully delivered projects in both methodologies.

Let's build something great!

did you know

TechBlocks has a digital product incubator that has invested in building digital products with leading enterprises and well-funded start-ups.

Penguin Pickup

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We have been very pleased working with TechBlocks. TechBlocks is able to deliver high quality solutions within a very short time frame and they are competitively priced. Most importantly, the dedication of the TechBlocks team to our success is unrivaled. They offer excellent advisory and customer service and continue to be a valued partner of SmartCentres. In fact, we are currently partnering with them in additional areas of our IT portfolio.

Egil Moller Nielsen, SVP of SmartCentres


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TechBlocks has been able to deliver quality work on tight deadlines. They demonstrated immense flexibility in working with us in terms of budget, style, and schedules. We have been extremely satisfied with the customized solutions…and look forward to collaborating again with them in the future.

John Klayh | Manager Marketing

American Solar Direct

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They kept the project on time and within budget while providing the kind of advice throughout that one would expect from a partner. We truly trust their technical expertise but were most surprised with their business acumen.

Andrew Schneider | COO & CIO


With TechBlocks we found a partner who continuously went above and beyond. They were able to translate our business priorities into a cohesive solution and were able to roll with all the ups and downs on our side. Their focus on our needs and the way they collaborated with our various user groups has been exceptional.

Veresh Sita

Thomson Carswell

TechBlocks really impressed me with how quickly they were able to understand our business need and then complete a strategic marketing portal. They are extremely responsive to any questions and aren’t afraid to suggest new ideas. While we have a small staff of developers in-house, we continue to consider TechBlocks for our advanced Web needs. They remain a trusted partner for strategic technology initiatives. I would recommend TechBlocks without reservation.

Lee Horigan | Vice President, Marketing | Carswell, a Thomson Reuters business