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MediBlocks HealthTech Backend as a Service

Addressing patient and clinician needs is challenging, given the intricacy and cost of security, data governance, and regulatory compliance. Step into a new era with MediBlocks, a managed backend solution for medical devices and wearables to integrate, operate & comply seamlessly in a digital world.

Make Healthcare More Affordable and Convenient.

MediBlocks HealthTech

Why Does It Matter?

89% of healthcare providers face interoperability challenges, especially with HL7 integration. Poor data quality costs about $15 million annually. Breaches with third-party involvement add an average of $370,000.

Healthcare data breaches hit hard at an average cost of $7.13 million, with 68% of expenses attributed to lost businesses. In a bid to address these challenges, organizations put 34% of their test budget into automation, prioritizing data security. But healthcare doesn’t have to be costly.

Why does it Matter

Connecting Wearable Devices & Biosensors to the Cloud  

MediBlocks seamlessly connects wearable devices, biosensors, EHRs, and the cloud, ensuring secure data streaming from patient-facing systems to a centralized data store. Compliant with SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA, and HL7 FHIR, it integrates with major systems, organizes diverse data types, and machines healthcare with advanced analytics and real-time insights.   

It orchestrates both clinical and non-clinical data, building a holistic knowledge base that prevents organizational data silos. By delivering advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, MediBlocks equips healthcare professionals to detect anomalies and glean insights for timely interventions and superior patient outcomes. A robust test automation framework ensures uncompromising quality and patient safety. 

Connecting Wearables, Devices & Bio-sensors To Cloud 1 1 (1)

What if You Could…

Focus on The Medical Device

Focus on Patient Retention & Acquisition

Not Need to Deal with The Complexity and Cost of The Data Engineering, Governance & Regulatory Compliance of The Tech Stack

Focus on The Patient Experience & Outcomes

Focus on The Analytics & Reports That Clinicians & Researchers want to see

Not Need to Deal with The Headaches of Tech Talent Acquisition & Retention to Support The Downstream Systems

Get a Managed Backend for Healthcare Technology From The Get-go.

MediBlocks is a unique backend solution tailored for wearables, medical devices, and EHRs to achieve a transformative leap forward in patient care. 

With robust compliance measures, including SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA, and HL7 FHIR, it provides a secure foundation for data handling. MediBlocks’ advanced analytics, coupled with AI and real-time data, empower proactive interventions and refined patient care models, ushering in a new era of smarter healthcare.


What MediBlocks Delivers


MediBlocks doesn’t just handle data; it conducts a symphony of insights, weaving together the threads of technology, compliance, and intelligence. It’s not just a solution; it’s a transformative leap forward in patient care, heralding a new era of smarter healthcare. With MediBlocks, the future of healthcare is not a vision—it’s a reality.

  • Data processing workflows scheduling and management
  • SQL proficiency
  • Dashboards and visualizations that resonate with clinicians, administrators & stakeholders alike
  • Seamless data integrations
  • Managing security, governance, and HA/DR
  • Data discovery, annotation, and exploration
  • Machine learning (ML) modeling and tracking

Let’s Continue the Conversation!

Why Choose TechBlocks

We’re more than software engineers – we’re strategic advisors to many of our clients, providing them with expert advise that extends beyond healthcare engineering. We become an integral part of our client’s team and a trusted advisor they trust to help build what’s next. 


15+ Years of Experience

Experience you can rely on. We have completed over 2,500 projects globally for some of the biggest brands in the world. We’ve been there in the past and continue to provide our clients with strategic advice and ecommerce development services. 


Size Matters

Our global network of solution architects, engineers, and other IT professionals allows our clients to scale their development efforts quickly. If speed and agility matter to you, we’ll show you how fast we can go. 

Technologies & Integrations We Trust

Our team has the latest development tools, technologies, and frameworks to bring your vision to life.

Frameworks and Languages
Microsoft .NET
Radio Frequency (RF)
Near-field Communication (NFC)
Cloud technologies
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud

Goals Realized

75 %

Test Cycle Times

Lesser test cycle times

40 %

Reduced Costs

Low costs

58 %

Customer Satisfaction

Increase in customer satisfaction

Global Impact One Client at a Time

Hospitals, medical centers, and health device manufacturers rely on TechBlocks to innovate and drive better profit margins. Now, it’s your turn to elevate healthcare with us.          


What Are They Saying About Us?

Find out what our valuable clients are saying, and how we’ve helped them succeed.

Ready to Redefine the Boundaries of Healthcare Technology? 

MediBlocks can help you revolutionize healthcare data management, elevate patient care, enhance compliance, and drive insights. Discover the future of healthcare with MediBlocks today! 

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