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Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

At the heart of exceptional products lies uncompromising quality. By championing precision engineering and rigorous testing, we create robust solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our quality engineering ensures every interaction is seamless, every performance peak, and every customer experience is flawless. Because when your products perform perfectly, your business thrives.

Quality Comes First

Elevate efficiency and accelerate your product’s journey to market. By outsourcing your QA and software testing to our engineers, you gain access to specialized expertise and cutting-edge tools. Whether augmenting your team with a handful of QA professionals or integrating a full-scale automation team, our adaptable engagement models promise a smooth and effective collaboration. With us, you enhance your product’s performance while minimizing overhead, ensuring every release is a step towards greater success.


Test Automation Services

Transform your software development lifecycle with our comprehensive Test Automation Services, designed to boost efficiency and uphold the highest quality standards. Each component of our service suite integrates seamlessly into your processes, ensuring superior performance and reliability.

Develop Your Test Automation Strategy

Partner with us to craft a bespoke test automation strategy that addresses your unique needs and challenges. We'll select optimal tools and frameworks, set clear automation goals, and outline a plan that syncs with both your development objectives and business aims.

Configure Your Testing Environment

We take charge of setting up and configuring robust test environments that mirror real-world operating conditions. This step ensures that your tests are thorough and effective, covering all necessary aspects without any system discrepancies.

Automate Your UI Testing

Elevate your application's user interface with our automated UI testing services. We automate the repetitive tasks of UI testing, enhancing speed and accuracy across various devices and platforms, ensuring that your application not only looks good but works flawlessly.

Generate Your Test Data

Let us create detailed and realistic test datasets to power your testing processes. Our test data closely simulates real user interactions and scenarios, uncovering potential issues early and improving the dependability of your software.

Implement Your CI/CD Pipeline

Streamline your software releases with our CI/CD pipeline implementation. Integrating automated testing into your CI/CD processes not only speeds up releases but also ensures each one adheres to your quality benchmarks. We optimize your pipeline for automated builds, tests, and deployments, cutting down lead times and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Micro Services & API Testing

Revolutionize your application development with our targeted Microservices and API Testing services. Designed to enhance the reliability and scalability of your applications, our services ensure your architecture delivers consistent and efficient performance.
  1. Boost your application's reliability with our Unit Testing services. We meticulously dissect your software into its fundamental components, identifying and resolving issues early to ensure each part performs flawlessly on its own.

  2. Ensure seamless functionality across your software systems with our Integration Testing services. We expertly verify that all modules and components interact flawlessly, catching interface defects early and guaranteeing error-free communication. Partner with us to solidify your system's interoperability and performance.

  3. Enhance system integrity with our Component and Contract Testing services. We meticulously test individual components and validate that system APIs adhere to their defined behaviors, ensuring compatibility and reliability. Trust us to fortify your service interactions and safeguard the performance of your systems.

  4. Enhance user satisfaction with our Web UI Testing services. We meticulously examine your web interfaces for functionality, usability, and consistency across multiple browsers and devices. Our comprehensive testing ensures a seamless and engaging user experience. Trust us to refine your interface's performance and appeal.

  5. Improve user experience with comprehensive Web UI Testing. We test your web interfaces for functionality, usability, and consistency across different browsers and devices, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience.

  6. Maintain flawless application performance with our real-time monitoring services. We proactively detect and swiftly resolve runtime errors, preventing disruptions and ensuring continuous, smooth operation of your services. Partner with us to safeguard the reliability of your applications.

  7. Secure your application's stability with our comprehensive Regression Testing services. We rigorously test your system following updates or enhancements to confirm that new changes enhance without disrupting existing functionalities. Partner with us to guarantee the consistent performance and reliability of your software.

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  • 20%

    Reduction in Technical Debt

  • 70%

    Increase in Agility and Speed

  • 25%

    Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Grounded By a Hailstorm of Issues

Amex Global Business Travel, formally Egencia hit a wall when the pandemic hit. Their platform could not handle the surge of cancellation and change requests, self service options were missing, and the user experience was difficult to follow.

They chose TechBlocks to help optimize performance, deliver new self service options, and reduce the backlog.

User Experience Testing

Transform your digital products with our User Experience & ADA Testing services, ensuring accessibility and a seamless user experience. Our comprehensive testing strategies are designed to make your applications not only usable but also inclusive, meeting ADA compliance standards and enhancing user satisfaction.

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Conduct Usability Testing

Enhance the intuitiveness and efficiency of your interface. We evaluate how easily users can navigate your application, accomplish tasks, and access the information they need. This testing ensures your product is user-friendly and aligns with customer expectations.

Perform Accessibility Testing

Ensure your digital assets are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. We rigorously test your products against ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards, identifying and rectifying barriers that could prevent accessibility. Our goal is to make your products inclusive, avoiding legal complications and broadening your market reach.

Execute User Journey Testing

Map and test critical user paths through your application. We verify that each step of the user journey flows logically and smoothly, enhancing the overall user experience and reducing user frustration.

Execute User Journey Testing

Prepare your application for the real world with our Load Testing services. We simulate varying loads to test how your system behaves under stress, identifying performance bottlenecks and ensuring your application can handle anticipated user traffic.

Implement Interactive Element Testing

Focus on the elements that users interact with the most. We test buttons, forms, links, and other interactive features for responsiveness and functionality, ensuring they are not only visually appealing but also fully operational.

Conduct Visual & Content Review

Optimize the visual appeal and readability of your application. Our experts review and test the aesthetics, layout, fonts, colors, and content consistency. This ensures your application is not only functional but also visually engaging and easy to read.

Develop Continuous User Feedback Loops

Establish mechanisms for ongoing user feedback to continually refine user experience. We set up user testing sessions, surveys, and feedback channels to gather valuable insights directly from your users, allowing for iterative improvements based on real-world usage.

Analyze User Behavior & Heatmaps

Utilize advanced tools to understand how users interact with your application. We analyze behavior patterns, click rates, and navigation paths using heatmaps and other analytics tools to identify usability hotspots and problem areas.

Data Testing & SDE

Advance your software solutions with our comprehensive Data Testing & SDE services. We focus on ensuring data integrity, accuracy, and functionality across your systems, coupled with cutting-edge software development practices that propel your products forward.

Perform Data Validation Testing

Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your data. We conduct thorough checks to verify that your data meets specific criteria and business rules, safeguarding against corruption and errors that could compromise your applications.

Implement Data Integration Testing

Seamlessly integrate data sources. Our testing identifies and resolves issues that arise when combining data from different origins, ensuring smooth data flow and integrity across your systems.

Execute ETL Testing

Validate your ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes. We ensure that the data is correctly extracted from various sources, transformed accurately according to business rules, and loaded into target databases without errors.

Conduct Data Quality Testing

Maintain high standards of data quality. We assess data for accuracy, completeness, consistency, and reliability, ensuring it serves your business needs and supports decision-making processes effectively.

Develop SDE Best Practices

Leverage our expertise in software development engineering. We establish best practices and methodologies that enhance your development processes, from coding standards and review practices to testing and deployment strategies.

Integrate Continuous Testing in SDE

Embed continuous testing into your SDE lifecycle. This proactive approach ensures that each phase of software development is immediately tested, providing feedback and catching errors early in the cycle.

Automate Testing Processes

Speed up your testing and development with automated scripts and tools. We develop reusable test scripts and implement automation frameworks that increase testing efficiency and reduce time to deployment.

Analyze Test Results and Provide Insights

Turn testing data into actionable intelligence. Our detailed analysis of test results identifies patterns and anomalies, offering insights that drive strategic improvements in data handling and software development.

Wearable & Connected Device Testing

Elevate the reliability and user experience of your wearable and connected devices with our specialized testing services. Designed to ensure seamless integration and robust functionality, our approach addresses the unique challenges posed by these innovative technologies.
  1. Ensure your devices play well with others. We test compatibility across a broad spectrum of smartphones, tablets, and other devices to guarantee seamless connectivity and functionality, regardless of the user's choice of hardware.

  2. Focus on the user. We evaluate the user interface and user experience specifically tailored to wearables and connected devices, ensuring they are intuitive, easy to navigate, and accessible to all types of users.

  3. Optimize operational efficiency. We assess how your devices perform under typical usage conditions as well as under extreme circumstances, including testing battery life, processing speed, and responsiveness.

  4. Validate durability and reliability. Our tests simulate various environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, and shock to ensure your devices operate effectively in any setting.

  5. Safeguard user data. We rigorously test the security features of your devices to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches, ensuring compliance with the latest security standards.

  6. Examine network interactions. We ensure your devices maintain stable and reliable connections over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and other protocols, enabling consistent communication and functionality.

  7. Increase efficiency with automation. We develop automated testing suites specifically for wearables and connected devices to speed up the testing process while maintaining accuracy and thoroughness.

  8. Utilize real-user feedback to refine products. We gather and analyze user feedback from testing phases to make iterative improvements that enhance user satisfaction and device performance.

delivering a world-class customer experience
  • 100%

    Reduction in App Crashes

  • 30+

    Major Bugs Fixed

  • 6x

    Increase in Release Cycles

Plagued By Connectivity Issues & Crashes

A digital health company developed a revolutionary biosensing device that paired with the user's smartphone. The platform was plagued with issues such as frequent app crashes, device disconnections, and lost data.

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We hope we’ve proven we’re far more than engineers … we’re strategic advisors to many of our clients. Providing them with expert advice that extends beyond digital commerce platform development. We become an integral part of our clients’ team and a critical friend as we help build their futures.

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