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Dharnendra Shah

Software Developer Manager

Dharnendra Shah is an experienced software engineering professional with almost two decades of expertise in the field. Dharnendra's career began as a Senior Software Engineer at Zealous Web Technologies, where he worked from 2004 to 2007. In this role, he was responsible for designing and developing web-based software applications. His work at Zealous Web Technologies laid the foundation for his future success in software engineering.

Following his time at Zealous Web Technologies, Dharnendra joined Gateway Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. as a Technical Leader, during which he led multiple teams of software engineers in developing and deploying enterprise-level software applications. His contributions were instrumental in enhancing the company's technical capabilities and driving revenue growth.

Dharnendra joined TechBlocks as a Sr. Technical Leader in June 2014 and has grown through the ranks to serve as Software Development Manager in the current capacity. At TechBlocks, he leads the software development team and oversees the design and deployment of complex software systems. Under his leadership, TechBlocks successfully deployed multiple software applications that helped drive the company's growth.

Throughout his career, Dharnendra has earned several certifications, including MCPD: SharePoint Developer 2010, MCTS: SharePoint 2010, Application Development, and MCTS: SharePoint 2012, Application Development. His cloud engineering and technical consulting expertise have helped him become a respected authority in the software engineering industry. He is committed to excellence and continually seeks opportunities to improve his skills and knowledge. He holds a Bachelor's in Information Technology from VVP Engineering College in Rajkot, Gujarat.