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Rinku Sharma

Rinku Sharma

Managing Partner & Head of Operations


Rinku's career is defined by one phrase. She is a "People Person". She has spent the last 15 years of her career focusing on helping TechBlocks grow from two people to a decentralized team of over 2,500+ globally. As a leader, her everyday goal is to ensure there is a balanced approach to helping her colleagues and employees with their career aspirations within the guard rails of organizational priorities and objectives.

She has led a team of HR professionals, talent acquisition teams, and operations personnel to ensure all the HR and Operations for all our offices in Canada and India operate seamlessly. She has been one of the core members of the management team with TechBlocks when it was a start-up and has worn multiple hats and assumed several roles over my career as TechBlocks evolved into a successful mid-sized technology organization.

While her journey continues, She considers herself to be in a privileged position of touching so many lives and careers across our offices around the globe. She aspires to continue to make a positive impact in the lives of professionals and organizations that she continues to engage with.