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Our AI Solutions Are Redefining What's Possible

Explore the frontier of innovation with our AI solutions, where we turn complex challenges into groundbreaking opportunities. We empower your company to not only keep up but set the pace in a rapidly evolving digital world.

AI Powered Claims Management For World’s Leading OEM

From driving fraudulent claims to zero to driving the time of claims processing down to less than 25% to decreasing the cost proclaim processing by 48% our AI powered claims engine has breathed new life into a languishing business of one of the world’s largest OEM!

We’ve seamlessly integrated AI into existing products and platforms, ensuring minimal disruption while maximizing innovation and efficiency.

Our AI Solutions

Personalized Product Recommendations: AI-powered recommendation engines can analyze customer data to provide personalized product recommendations, leading to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.
  1. At TechBlocks, we leverage AI-powered recommendation engines to analyze customer data meticulously. This enables us to deliver personalized product recommendations that boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

  2. We utilize AI to dynamically set product prices based on real-time market conditions. This strategy helps retailers maximize revenue and optimize inventory levels, ensuring they stay competitive and responsive to market changes.

  3. Our AI solutions proactively detect fraudulent transactions in real-time, safeguarding retailers' revenues and minimizing losses. We prioritize security to enhance trust and reliability in your financial transactions.

  4. TechBlocks deploys AI-powered chatbots that provide round-the-clock customer service, improving user satisfaction while significantly reducing operational overhead.

  5. We employ AI to optimize inventory levels, minimizing the risk of stock outages. This approach not only boosts profitability but also reduces costs, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

  6. At TechBlocks, AI is strategically used to streamline supply chain processes, reducing costs and improving service quality. Our solutions are designed to make supply chains more responsive and efficient.

  7. We harness AI for predictive analytics to accurately forecast customer behavior and demand. This insight allows us to advise on product assortment, pricing, and marketing strategies, facilitating smarter business decisions.

  8. TechBlocks utilizes AI for image and video recognition, supporting various applications such as product identification, facial recognition, and quality control. This technology enhances accuracy and automation across operations.

  9. Our AI systems excel in understanding and generating human language, which we apply to improve customer service chatbots, analyze product reviews, and conduct sentiment analysis, furthering the sophistication of customer interactions.

Case study

Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company

A Fortune 500 manufacturing company initially tried to develop an AI-powered predictive maintenance system in-house. After investing significant time and resources, they encountered challenges in data quality, model accuracy, and scalability. The company then decided to engage an AI vendor specializing in industrial IoT solutions. The results were striking:

  • 45%

    improvement in equipment uptime

  • 30%

    reduction in maintenance costs

  • $15 million in annual savings from avoided production downtime

  • The company's CTO acknowledged that partnering with an external AI vendor was crucial to overcoming the limitations of their in-house capabilities and achieving tangible results.

Case study

Leading Telecommunications Provider

A leading telecommunications provider attempted to build an AI-powered customer churn prediction system using their internal data science team. Despite having skilled data scientists, the project struggled with data integration, model interpretation, and operational deployment. The provider then partnered with an AI vendor specializing in customer analytics. The outcomes were remarkable:

  • 40%

    reduction in customer churn rate

  • 20%

    increase in customer lifetime value

  • $25 million in annual revenue saved from retained customers

  • The telecom provider's CEO credited the external AI vendor's expertise in navigating complex data landscapes and delivering actionable insights for the project's success.

Case study

Global Financial Services Firm

A global financial services firm embarked on an AI initiative to automate its loan underwriting process. The firm's in-house IT team struggled with data quality issues, regulatory compliance, and model explainability. Recognizing the need for specialized expertise, the firm engaged an AI vendor with deep experience in financial services. The collaboration yielded impressive results:

  • 50%

    reduction in loan processing time

  • 85%

    improvement in underwriting accuracy

  • $10 million in annual operational cost savings

  • The firm's CFO acknowledged that partnering with an external AI vendor was essential to navigating the complexities of AI in a regulated industry and achieving significant business value.

Challenge The Status Quo with Us

At TechBlocks, we don't just deliver AI technology—we deliver AI value. Our commitment is to transform your data into tangible business results, empowering you to:

  • Make data-driven decisions with confidence

  • Streamline operations and reduce costs

  • Enhance customer experiences and satisfaction

  • Drive revenue growth and gain market share

Ready to Hit the Pedal?

We hope we’ve proven we’re far more than engineers … we’re strategic advisors to many of our clients. Providing them with expert advice that extends beyond digital commerce platform development. We become an integral part of our clients’ team and a critical friend as we help build their futures.

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