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Case study: American Express GBT

Grounded by a Hailstorm of Issues: Eliminate technical debt & improve performance

20% Technical Debt

70% Agility & Speed

25% Customer & Employee Experience


American Express GBT, once a part of Expedia, and now owned by AMEX, operating in over 60 countries serving over 9,000 corporate clients, provides a suite of travel consulting solutions. The global platform caters to different user roles, and its mobile app provides real-time access, alerts, and support. Their services include a suite of travel consulting solutions; travel policy, risk management, expense control for companies, traveler safety, and more

The pandemic disrupted worldwide travel and American Express GBT needed to quickly adapt to customer needs. The business was struggling to tackle the required tech changes and needed to find a solution fast.

New Capabilities

Beyond technical challenges, Our client wanted to undergo a customer- and business-centric transformation with a focused approach.

Fraud Detection

Systems to quickly flag potential fraud and prevent it before it becomes a serious issue

Test Automation Pipelines

Automate testing for quicker and more comprehensive testing of their platform

MFA and Other Authentication Improvements

Increased security for user authentication

Agent Tool Improvements

Tools for American Express GBT’s agents to better service their customers and keep track of active issues

Refund Processing

Provide an easier and reliable process for refunds

UX Personalization

Guest Checkout

Ability for users to process their orders without requiring login to speed up their checkout by removing road blocks in their experience

User Preferences

Provide logged in users with the ability to further customize their experience when using the website

Error Trapping, Improved User Friendly Messages

Create a better experience for the customer, while providing them with a better idea as to what error may have happened, so that they can properly have it resolved

Product Customization

Additional Payment Options (Pay Now)

Provide more options for the customer to checkout as well as the quicker Pay Now option that speeds up their experience and lowers the user friction

Order Status Update

Customers can track their orders, providing transparency, and reducing questions from the customer and their status


TechBlocks got right to it with multilayered solutions that would help American Express with the groundwork they needed for this transition.

Enterprise readiness assessed, user journeys mapped, and user stories crafted to inform development priorities

Improvements in the customer and employee facing platforms with an additional white label product configuration

These were established to ensure optimal productivity and product excellence:

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