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Unified Digital Financing Experience

CrediLink Consumer Credit & Finance Accelerator

A headless consumer finance experience and offers a management engine.

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We integrate with best-in-breed enterprise e-commerce platforms.

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CrediLink Consumer Credit & Finance Accelerator
Online Consumer Financing Experience

What is CrediLink

CrediLink is a unique accelerator for digital retail & e-commerce to accelerate revenue growth by unifying digital financing & payments into a single solution. It seamlessly integrates multiple digital financing, buy now pay later (BNPL), and bill payment options into one intelligent solution by offering essential intelligence & control for retailers. Integrating CrediLink into your existing e-commerce platform is a seamless headless experience, powering online, mobile, and in-store financing opportunities through a single API-driven platform.

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The Proof

Why Financing Matters

30 %


The average order value (AOV) of a finance purchase is 30% higher than cash transactions.

93 %

Brand Loyalty

Consumers with credit from a store are more likely to purchase from that store again.

20 %

Conversion Rate

Online stores that offer seamless finance integration see a 20% increase in conversion rates.

Intuitive User Experience

How CrediLink Works

This process takes less than 30 seconds
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Your customers can apply for credit pre-qualification by answering four easy questions:

  • What is their Name?
  • What is their SSN/SIN?
  • What is their Cellphone #?
  • What is their Annual Income?

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Finance Integration

Credit Provider Partners

CrediLink is proud to be integrated with the following credit providers.

american first finance
GDS Link

Do you use another credit provider in-store or online?

We can integrate with most store-card and traditional lenders in a few weeks or less.

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Market Growth

Consumer Financing

Consumers borrowed 141.8 Billion USD in 2021 through Buy Now, Pay Later finance programs. With a CAGR of over 30%, consumer financing in the USA will grow to over half a billion dollars by 2026.


Implementing CrediLink

Online stores that offer seamless finance integration see a 20% increase in conversion rates.

E-Commerce Integrations

Integrate CrediLink with Popular
E-commerce Platforms

We integrate with best-of-breed enterprise e-commerce platforms, including:


Don’t see your e-commerce platform listed?

That’s okay! CrediLink is a headless solution and can be added to most e-commerce platforms with minimal changes to your existing platform.

My Account & Bill Pay

Bill Payment & Credit Management

CrediLink goes beyond credit pre-qualification and activation. CrediLink integrates with existing My Account pages of your existing experience and provides standalone options for guest users.

  1. 01 Account Dashboard An easy-to-follow account dashboard that shows the consumer an overview of their account, the remaining balance of existing credit offers, or view new and personalized recommendations from you or your lending partners.
  2. 02 Payment History A transaction record of their payments towards credit.
  3. 03 One-Time Payments The customer can make a one-time payment at any time towards their credit account using an existing credit card, an online-enabled debit card, or through their online banking.
  4. 04 Scheduled Payments Your customers can have peace of mind that they won’t miss a payment by scheduling automatic payments before the payment due date.

Secure Platform

Security from the Ground Up

CrediLink is a secure platform. We do not retain customer payment details, social security or insurance numbers, or other sensitive personal data.

Our integration partners securely store sensitive information to meet or exceed PCI compliance, including background checks, lenders, and payment gateways.

TechBlocks is an ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certified Provider.

Security from the Ground Up
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Integration Partners

Who We Integrate With

Our integration partners continue to evolve to support our retail partners. Here are some of the companies we integrate with today.

Identity Verification
Analytics & Behaviour Tracking
Google Tag Manager
Communication & Customer Service Platforms
Payment Gateways

Frequently Asked Questions

Many existing multi-provider credit offerings require the customer to choose from a list of providers and apply to each one manually, then compare the offers on their own.

CrediLink acts as an Over-the-Top solution that consolidates your existing lenders in a single workflow, increasing the likelihood that a consumer will start and complete an application.

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Ready to Grow Your Credit Accounts?

CrediLink can help you grow your credit applications and increase credit utilization to help build brand loyalty and grow revenue.